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Haynes B. Cates Jr. MD

Dr. Cates was born and raised in Wilmington. He attended Thomas Jefferson University Medical College in Philadelphia and remained at Jefferson for his post graduate residency in Urology. After his residency he came back to Wilmington to practice and has been in practice in the same location since 1985. He is board certified by the American Board of Urology.

As a practicing Urologist Dr Cates treats men and woman with urological diseases and conditions including those of the:

-Kidneys -Urethra
-Ureters -Prostate
-Bladders -Testicles

-Diagnosis, treatement, and follow up of patients with prostate cancer is a large part of his practice.

-Stones are treated with non-invasive lithotripsy and with other minimally invasive modalities. Patients who form stones are further evaluated in order to formulate a treatment plan to prevent further stone formation.

-State of the art evaluation of male and female incontinence can be done in the office. In most cases non-surgical treatment with medication can be successful. If surgery is needed it is in most cases an outpatient procedure.

Vasectomies can be scheduled soon after initial office consultation. Vasectomies can be done under either local anesthesia only or with sedation provided by an anesthesiologist.

-Another area of diagnosis and treatment is the increasingly common problem of erectile dysfunction or ED. Treatement is normaly a matter of finding the right medication.


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